Upgrading the way you do business

Our People

Our entire staff is employed by Upgrade, not contracted. This means that you and your customers can expect the highest quality service as every member of the Upgrade team is consistently trained and held to our high expectations.

Our comprehensive training plan includes:

  • Background checks to ensure that only the highest quality individuals are considered for employment.
  • In-house training personnel who share and test customer service techniques, safe driving methods, and service expectations.
  • Specific product familiarization including handling and assembly.
  • Regular sessions to familiarize employees with the handling and assembly of your new products.
  • Performance reviews to ensure that policies and procedures are followed and our high expectations are met.
  • Off-site training on techniques to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Driving reviews to ensure that each employee continues to operate company vehicles safely.

Training personnel maintain relationships with product manufacturers to ensure that any service announcements, recalls, or general concerns are communicated to each Upgrade employee.