Upgrading the way you do business


Eliminate Responsibilities

Vehicle procurement and maintenance, delivery employee training and management, delivery scheduling, customer service management, and the management of OSHA and State and Federal DOT regulations.

Decrease Costs & Capital Requirements

Delivery Vehicle(s) – Purchase/Lease costs, mileage, oil changes and other regular maintenance, insurance, repairs, cleaning, government fees, and of course, fuel.

Customer Service Support – Upgrade maintains a full service customer service department to take care of every need your customers may have regarding their delivery and installation.

Warehouse and Delivery Employees – Wages, taxes, insurance, benefits, training, and recruitment.

Liability Insurance

Upgrade provides insurance coverage for all services, operations, and employees.

Stop paying premiums for liability insurance for the delivery and installation of product within a customer’s home or commercial facility, Liability Insurance for the management of any warehouse space, workers compensation insurance for all delivery and warehouse employees, and auto insurance for the operation of all delivery vehicles.

Increase The Customer’s Purchasing Experience

Product delivery and assembly is what we do. A partnership with Upgrade will allow your customers to experience excellence from both your business and ours, keeping them coming back for more.

The customer’s perception of your business will immediately reflect the combination of our organization’s proven processes, procedures and standards.