Upgrading the way you do business


Current Retail-Partner, Business Owner:

Over the past two years Upgrade Logistics has become an invaluable asset for my company. I am no longer inundated with what seemed like daily issues from a warehousing and delivery stand point. The job is getting done more efficiently and with better results, than when Delivery and Warehousing were an internal division of my company.

They have allowed me to lower my overhead substantially. I am no longer burdened with the wages and salaries of warehouse and delivery personal, the costs of keeping a fleet of delivery vehicles, and all of the corresponding insurances.

With Upgrade handling the warehousing of my inventory, they have helped obtain a bench mark accuracy that I thought was previously unattainable. Over thirty million dollars worth of product and hundreds of different SKU’s pass through my warehouses each year. Upgrade Logistics has been more than capable of efficiently and accurately handling all of it.

Upgrade Logistics offers a great service with great results, resulting in less daily distractions, happier customers, and a better bottom line!

Current Retail-Partner, Director of Sales:

For the past two plus years Upgrade Logistics has helped G&G Fitness Equipment/The Fitness Store immeasurably. They have allowed us to provide a more efficient and professional delivery and installation service to our clients. The reflection of their services, as well as their customer service, has greatly increased the image that our clients have of G&G Fitness Equipment/The Fitness Store.

Upgrade’s systems have allowed our sales team to focus more of their time on sales and less time handling the minutia of dealing with scheduling and coordinating deliveries.

As a sales organization, the better the ‘customer experience’ we can create, the more successful we can become as an organization. Upgrade Logistics has definitely rectified what was a substandard division of our organization.

With pride and confidence we can now tell our clients that we can not only provide them with the best fitness products available, but the best customer service from start to finish. This was made possible with the help of Upgrade Logistics.