Upgrading the way you do business

How Can Upgrade Help My Business?

Eliminate Responsibilities

  • Upgrade is capable of managing all aspects of inventory and warehouse management, and product delivery and installation.
  • Encompassed within these functions include but is not limited to: vehicle procurement and maintenance, warehouse and delivery employee management, delivery scheduling, customer service management, and the management of OSHA and State and Federal DOT regulations.

Decrease Expenses

  • Delivery Vehicle(s) – Purchase/Lease costs, mileage, oil changes and other regular maintenance, insurance, repairs, cleaning, government fees, and of course… fuel.
  • Warehouse and Delivery Employees – Wages, taxes, insurance, benefits, training, recruitment.

Reduce Liabilities

  • Upgrade provides insurance coverage for all of our services, operations, and employees.
  • You can stop paying premiums for: Liability Insurance for the delivery and installation of product within a customer’s home or commercial facility; Liability Insurance for the management of any warehouse space*; Workers Compensation Insurance for all delivery and warehouse employees; and Auto Insurance for the operation of all delivery vehicles. (* this does not include coverage for contents or the building itself.)

Immediately Acquire Expert Logistical Support & Business Practices

  • Upgrade allows its clients to focus on what they do best, by doing what we do best… logistics.
  • All expertise within Upgrade, gained through years of working within the logistics industry will be dedicated to making your business a success.
  • Upgrade’s operations and standards of excellence will translate directly to the customer’s perception of your business.

Increase Sales!

  • Allow your employees to focus on your core business, and leave the rest to Upgrade.